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We can write just about any content you want (if you know what you want). Should you need a text with a pinch of spice, a good editor (or a web editor), your text proofread, layout and design, online help, a wiki website, or a classic article and presentation — we can spice things up with the right and tasteful wording.

Craving that pinch of spice?

What We Excel At


> case studies, use cases and customer success stories

-> optimized web content (SEO articles)

-> content marketing

-> newsletters and presentations (including design)

> languages: English and Slovenian


-> online help (html, wiki, pdf)

-> user manuals

-> procedures and processes

-> training course materials

-> preparing for localization

-> languages: English and Slovenian


-> there’s always a story

-> the story always matters

-> if one tells it right

-> if it’s worth thinking about

-> if one cares enough to make the story worth following

->if it can spark action and inspire people


-> from the basic idea to an attractive bespoke text

-> your order delivered as and when requested

-> content tailored to the medium, the target audience, and search engines

-> structured and linguistically correct content

What we do

Create ballsy content with a pinch of spice to meet any need

Striking stories. Great help. Interested?


You can't mess up because we're a damn good team!

Journalist, technical writer and a skilled organizer of — including but not limited to — words. Words are important. But for me, it is even more important what we do with them after we utter them.

Špela Bulc
Interviewing, writing and organizing

Who, me? Bonkers for stories. 😉 Freelancer by choice, disguised as copywriter, editor, proofreader. Because WHAT we are communicating must be understood. What counts is not a mere good story, it must have a personal touch, and such stories tend to be remembered.

Sabina Tamše Kozovinc
Writing, editing and caring

A graphic designer who believes that good design can serve the end user perfectly and incites them to action they will later be grateful for. That is, depending on the value of the content, not design. 😉

Boštjan Dimnik
Design, however, it doesn't mean much if your content isn't there

Our story

Our inner circle consists of a literary comparativist, a journalist and a graphic designer. And then there are others, skilled in coding, wording and sparking. Our experiences share a strong common denominator —words: language teaching, writing, linguistic and editorial reviews of texts and textbooks, educational projects.

We are united in the desire to not abuse words but use them responsibly; with conscience and skill. And so we love preparing tasteful messages with a cleverly sized pinch of spice — for projects we believe in, and for that we do our best to have them be read, understood, and followed.


Is your content appealing? Would you like it to be? Would you rather it were meaningful? Want both?

In a bind? At a loss for words?

What is this?

Everything explained in one place.








We believe in good relationships with stories worth telling. Do you?

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Monday—Friday: 9.00—17.00

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